Company specialized in sending parts and accessories for all types of motor vehicles. Cars, Motorcycles, Jet skis, Quadricycles, Boats and Industrial Machines of all types. All of our shipments are airborne and 100% insured without risk to customers. Experience the feeling of tranquility and security in your imports.
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U-Turn Auto Parts company specializing in shipping Parts / Accessories, Wheels / Tires for all types of vehicles ex; Cars, Motorcycles, Jet Skis, Quadricycles and Boats. Also Parts for Imported Industries and Machinery. All of our shipments are 100% guaranteed without risk to customers.
section u-white-section U-Turn Auto Parts It offers solutions for its clients in International Transport and Financial Logistics, in addition to all the necessary accessories for an efficient development in imports, providing a high quality service, from the beginning of the operation, until its final destination. We carry out pre-calculations of the operations, making it possible to forecast the costs of the products to be imported, such as Transport, Taxes, Taxes, Storage, release and delivery in all its stages, taking care of everything without any work for the customer.
U-Turn Auto Parts aims to stand out in the market, offering a safe, competent and agile work, providing high quality services to importers, always looking for the best alternatives to reduce import costs and its products.
U-Turn Auto Parts also offers full support to the customer, in case he has any questions regarding the import of his product.
Experience the feeling of tranquility and security in your imports.

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